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Transition/Vision Shades

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Transitional shades are a more elegant form of roller shades, offering a great deal of versatility as a window covering in your home. They can be manually operated, or motorized for ease of operation so that it's a breeze to establish the exact amount of light that you allow in from the outside. Transitional shades can provide outstanding control of light, temperature, and privacy, as well as a terrific aesthetic to any room where you have them installed, so they are functional as well as being beautiful to behold.

There are a number of reasons you might want to choose transitional shades over other window coverings, some of which are described below. When you’re ready to install your transitional shades, contact us at Zion Window Fashions, and we’ll be glad to work with you on a custom solution involving transitional shades for your windows.

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A combination window covering
Transitional shades offer the perfect combination of a roller shade and the functionality of a horizontal blind, thus offering a wonderful solution for light control and privacy needs. Dual fabric layers and the alternating bands of sheer and opaque materials allow transitional shades to provide a highly creative way of managing the light you want to allow into any given room. They can be chic and inspiring, or just plain highly effective, offering the best possible combination of substance and style, and giving you the ability to transform any room in the home to the perfect retreat for working or playing.

Excellent light filtering
With transitional shades, you have a tremendous amount of control over the light entering your room, and that makes them an excellent choice for rooms such as a den, where you might be working for hours at a time. It might also be very handy for living room, where the family wants a specific amount of light in the room for a family gathering. The transitional shades can be completely closed to create maximum privacy, or the shades can be transitioned to enjoy near maximum view-through, while harsh daylight is gently filtered out. In darkened mode, transitional shades provide the ultimate in privacy and blockage of the sun’s harsh rays, so as to protect your furniture, carpeting, and artwork. When used in transitional mode, you will take great delight in the endless possibilities of light control and view-through options, at each different level chosen.


Options with your transitional shades
One of the reasons for the surge in popularity of transitional shades is the wide variety of options that are offered with them. At Zion Window Fashions, we offer a number of options with our transitional shades that can be very helpful and appealing for homeowners. In addition to the motorized options mentioned above, you can order transitional shades with top-down, bottom-up controls, timers, and even more options that will make using your shades easier and more convenient than you would have thought possible. If you’re more of a traditionalist, you can simply install the manual version of some of our transitional shades, and control all the lighting, temperature, and privacy settings by hand.


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