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Roller Shades

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Year after year, roller shades remain among the most popular and practical window coverings, primarily because they are affordable, convenient, and simple. Because they offer this kind of broad appeal, roller shades have been used in literally millions of homes in America, and will continue to be one of most popular choices for window coverings.

Simplicity and elegance

A simple roller-based mechanism is a big part of the appeal of roller shades, with the design and operation changing very little over the past several decades, other than an increase in their reliability and durability. The huge difference these days with roller shades is that they are available in a much wider array of fabric options, thus creating a contemporary look that matches the styles favored by modern homeowners. With a simple functionality that has a very sophisticated look, roller shades have managed to remain at the forefront of window covering offerings for quite some time, and they are unlikely to go out of style anytime soon.

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Low-cost, high-value

Some of the best values in window coverings today are those offered by roller shades. Homeowners who are on a tight budget often consider roller shades because they are so affordable, and yet they offer simple elegance to all rooms where they are installed. On the other hand, there are some very high-end roller shades which can provide a very elegant and classy look to the home. Regardless of whether you install the bare-bones versions of roller shades or the ultra-sophisticated kind, you can still expect the same terrific functionality from your roller shades.


Available Options

One of the most popular options available with roller shades is having them motorized, for increased convenience and functionality. Some windows that are hard to reach, for instance, would be excellent choices for having motorized roller shades installed. You can choose a solar shade fabric or something which is a good deal more opaque, then install a motorized lift system to provide the ultimate in convenience for operating them. By combining radio frequency motorization with an automated intelligent design, even hard-to-reach windows can be easily manipulated, in terms of letting in an appropriate amount of sunlight.


A great way to manage sunlight

Roller shades from Zion Window Fashions are available in special high-performance fabrics that control ultraviolet rays of the sun, heat penetration, and glare, to any degree desired by the user. Regardless of the color or pattern which faces the room, the exterior side of the roller shade is highly reflective, thus allowing visible light to enter, while blocking out the damaging sun rays which can be harmful to furniture and fabrics.

You would also have the option of selecting dual roller shades that share a single mount, which can be particularly appealing for rooms that require a high degree of light regulation. When you have dual roller blades shades installed, you can have blackout blinds which will completely eliminate sunlight from bedrooms where a person is sleeping during the daytime. This arrangement will also limit distractions in home offices, while still permitting a desirable amount of light to pass through less opaque blinds.

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