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Soft Treatments & Draperies

Soft treatments are considered to be any window covering which is sewn from fabric, of which draperies are definitely one of the most prominently featured types in modern homes. Zion Window Fashions is a custom manufacturer of soft treatments for your window coverings, whatever you may choose to use for your interior decoration. Because of the tremendous variety of soft treatments for windows, you can add an elegant touch to any room, with rich, woven materials, or you can choose to keep it simple with some of the more common patterns and styles. Here are some of the many choices available to you from our catalog of soft treatments - but do keep in mind, that we're more than willing to work with you on a solution which is specifically tailored to your personal setting, and your personal expression.

Roman Shades
Roman shades are first and foremost, excellent for blocking out the strong rays of the sun, but they can also be beautiful to behold in any room where they happen to be installed. Unlike most vertical blinds, Roman shades are not ribbed or bumpy when opened, having a smooth appearance that makes them appear to be entirely made of rich fabric. These window coverings can be true works of art, being handcrafted to adorn a bedroom or living room where style and aesthetics are at a premium.

Woven textured shades
Woven textured shades are made from several different materials, including grasses, bamboo, and even wood planks, to provide a textured, soothing feel to any room where you may want to install them. These woven shades can be a very attractive and appealing alternative to other forms of window treatments, and can be made of organic materials as well, if you are a person who is conscientious about conserving the environment. Depending on your specific tastes, they can be constructed with a more open knit, or a tighter more private weave, which can deter prying eyes. For enhanced privacy, you can couple our woven textured shades with a liner that will completely discourage casual observation.

Draperies and drapery panels are probably the most popular form of soft treatment window coverings, and they can be either highly decorative, highly functional, or both at the same time. When closed, your draperies can provide light and temperature control, as well as increased privacy for the rooms where they’re installed. Draperies are available in an endless array of colors and styles, as well as different types of pleats, all of which you can choose from to match your interior decor, or to use as a centerpiece of your new intended decor. Zion Window Fashions will be glad to work with you on providing the perfect match of fabric and style, to accommodate your needs.

Valances tend to be mostly decorative in nature, typically covering only the top portion of a window. While they can be used to cover a blind headrail if need be, they are most often installed merely to add some fabric and color to a window which has no other soft treatment such as a curtain or drapery installed. Although valances can be covering a board in some cases, they are most often simply a fabric which is attached to the upper part of a window, to add appeal to a window which would otherwise be lacking.

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