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Window Film

In the past, many people may have thought of window film as something that was merely intended to add style to windows and to the homes they were installed in. However, that misconception is now changing, as a great many people discover the practical benefits of installing window film. A great many modern homes now feature much more glass paneling than ever before, with homeowners being thrilled by the notion of sun-filled rooms and natural lighting. Simply put, window film provides a fantastic opportunity to block heat and to control light, all while remaining virtually invisible to your view. Here are some of the ways that window film from Zion window fashions can really benefit your residence.

Energy savings
When your windows are treated with high-quality film such as that manufactured by Zion Window Fashions, your windows will allow less heated or cooled air to pass out. This means that the rooms where window film is installed will retain more heat in the winter time and retain cooled air better in the summertime, making it much easier on your HVAC system, resulting in lower energy bills for your household.

Safeguarding your furniture
Excessive exposure to the sun can fade and damage expensive furniture that may have taken you quite a while to find, in order to match your existing decor. Protection from ultraviolet rays of the sun is one of the big features of window film, and that means it can minimize any harm done by the most powerful rays of the sun. In addition to protecting your furniture, you can expect that your carpets, wood flooring, and even any artwork you may have situated on walls, will all be less subject to fading and will therefore enjoy a longer life.

Minimizing shattering during window breaks
While this might sound like a stretch, how many times have you had a window broken in your home, either from an errant softball toss, or possibly from a tree branch being blown around during a storm? Regardless of the cause of your window being broken, when it does happen at your home, window film will prevent glass from shattering in all directions to create a huge hazard for occupants.

Glare control
Most people enjoy having the sun filtering into their homes through windows, both from the aesthetic standpoint and from the warmth standpoint. However, too much sun can cause a highly disruptive glare, interfering with television-watching and with trying to be productive in your home office. Window film effectively eliminates this bothersome glare, such that you would still have a bright interior, but you would lose all the disruptive glare.

Greater privacy
Window film literally provides the homeowner with the best of both worlds, since it allows beautiful sunlight into your home, while obscuring the interior of your home from casual observers. This fact makes window film an excellent choice in those rooms where greater privacy is wanted, for instance bathrooms, bedrooms, and all rooms which face the street.

Decorative aspect
Even though window film is more about substance than about style, the fact is that the style aspect can still be a significant part of its appeal. It can add a wonderful aesthetic interest to a building, especially when a more decorative window film is selected by the homeowner. For instance, the darker tints can imitate high-end window panes, while other window films can be selected with mural designs and other appealing features. Best of all, the ease of installation and removal means that upgrading your curb appeal or changing the look of your home, can be a very simple process.

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