Our Secret Sauce - Quality

We know that the quality we deliver is directly related to the quality we hire. We have a lot of combined experience that gives us the unique opportunity to convert your vision for your home into reality. By having interior designers, and experts in the industry who know all of the options and tricks to the trade, you have a team that can find the perfect solution for your home.


In 1996 Dave and Martha Kinzie started D&M Blinds. Over the years, Dave built many relationships based in integrity throughout the community.

Dave brought motorized window coverings to Southern Utah and established D&M Blinds as the leader of motorized shades in the area.

In 2012, Brian Mandile purchased into D&M Blinds to help Dave continue his legacy. Together Dave and Brian developed D&M Blinds into the industry leader for its expertise and specialization.

In 2018, Dave decided to retire, and Brian purchased D&M Blinds and rebranded it to Zion Window Fashions.

Brian Mandile

Brian started in window coverings in an unconventional way back in 2002. He first started in the industry as a window film installer. Brian started with Danny's Family window tinting in 2002. High-end cars were his forte. Brian soon took the things that he learned from automotive window film and applied it to residential and commercial applications. This is really where he started to gain an appreciation for Window Treatments.

Brian co-owned Quality Window Tinting in 2008 where he dialed in his window tinting talents into one of southern Utah's leading flat glass installation experts. He has installed all types of Window films from high-end Ceramic products to designer frost films, to incredible strong Security films.

In 2012 Brian bought into D&M Blinds with Dave Kinzie. Dave used his vast knowledge of the industry to train Brian in all things window treatments. Brian and Dave were a good team, growing D&M Blinds year over year. Brian took over running operations in 2014. Which enabled him to further grow in his knowledge and experience about the window coverings industry.

Brian is also a member of NWCFA. National Window Coverings Fabricators Alliance. This organization consists of window coverings companies from across the country. The members are all in non-competing markets. This gives members a unique opportunity to share strategies, knowledge, buying power and many other resources. This alliance gives its members an advantage in their local markets.

In 2018 Brian and Dave came into an agreement for Brian to purchase the rest of D&M Blinds from Dave Kinzie. Giving Dave the opportunity to retire after 25 years in the business. Brian and his wife Jessica are the new owners of Zion Window Fashions. They decided to rebrand D&M Blinds to Zion Window Fashions upon purchasing the rest of the shares from Dave. Brian has a total of 13 years in the industry and looks forward too many more serving the state of Utah.

Garth Fonk

Garth has been in the window coverings industry for a good while now. He opened his first drapery business in 1967 in Ogden Utah. He ran that for a number of years when he decided to open another location in Salt Lake City in 1973. He grew this business to offer more than just window coverings. They turned it into a total Interior Design center. Where they sold Window Coverings, Wallpaper, Flooring, Furniture, and accessories. Over the coming years, Garth grew this business into 5 total locations across the Salt Lake Valley. With this growth, they decided to open a fabrication facility. Where they fabricated all sorts of window treatments. They ran this business successfully for years. Garth then decided to slow down a little. He became a regional sales rep for Windows West which is a window coverings fabricator and wholesale distribution company. He sold window coverings to local dealers throughout the Southwest. Garth and his family decided to move to St George in 2001. Where he planned to retire. Garth continued to be a sales rep for Windows West on more of a part time basis.

Garth has never been one to sit still for very long. In 2012, he started a wholesale window coverings company called Designer Wholesale. This company sold and serviced to Interior Designers in Southern Utah. He provided them with wholesale access to window treatments and installed and serviced all sorts of blinds. In early 2016, Garth had begun to work with Zion Window Fashions (then D&M Blinds). He had a working relationship with them. He had a health scare and almost didn't make it. This scare is what caused Garth to fold Designer Services. And join forces with Brian. He then came on full time to Zion Window Fashions (then D&M Blinds). This enabled him to still do what he loves without the physical demand of owning, operating, and most of all installing for his company. Garth now concentrates on using his vast knowledge of window coverings to help his clients with Zion Window Fashions.

Garth has always been an absolute professional in this industry. He has a reputation that is surpassed by no one in the St George area. Zion Window Fashions is fortunate to have someone of his caliber on the team.

Jon Norman

Jon started his professional window coverings career in 2008. He started as a part-time installer. He installed for D&M Blinds as a subcontract installer for Home Depot and Lowes. Zion Window Fashions (then D&M Blinds) has installed for Home Depot and Lowes in St George for over 15 years. Jon quickly became the go-to guy for these installs. He is quick, professional, and very good at what he does. All the things you need to succeed in this job.

Jon worked into installing customer projects of all sizes. He has now become one of the areas foremost installers. He is an expert shutter installer. Which is no easy task. Shutters are very technical and challenging to install at the highest level. Jon does this with ease. Jon is also an expert in installing motorized shades. Which is the Zion Window Fashions area of expertise. Jon enables this by his skill and knowledge of installing these very challenging shades. Another thing that makes Jon unique is the fact that through Brian he has learned how to install window film on homes and commercial buildings. This is truly an art that a very small number of window coverings installers can do. In fact, in the window coverings industry, window film installers are 3 out of 100. So, a small percentage to say the least. Zion Window Fashions has 3 master film installers that can also install all types of window treatments. No other company in Utah has this type of knowledge under one roof.

Jon is also very knowledgeable in the entire product range. He knows all the different types of window treatments and what will be best for your needs. This enables him to help his customers find the best solution to meet their needs.

Jon has been with Zion Window Fashions/ (D&M Blinds) for a long time and this is one thing that makes him so good at what he does. He has truly seen it all and knows how to remedy nearly any problem he is presented with.